In the news: welcome to calcio, Julio

In an interview with Guerin Sportivo (here via, Julio Baptista talks to great lengths about a great deal of uninteresting things (like not naming Totti GOAT; blasphemy), but I found his words apropos the Inter game a fortnight ago of interest. Says Baptista (interviewer in bold):

Do the referees favor Inter?
In my way of looking at it, this doesn't just concern Inter. I've watched Juventus four times, and something incredible always happens. One day I'd like to understand how you can do that. The linesman was one step away from a Juve player who was clearly offside. The ball reached this player in offside, and the linesman did nothing. I've never seen anything similar during all of my career.''
We're talking about mistakes that can condition an entire tournament.
It is one thing to make mistakes in difficult circumstances, and another to commit all too easy errors. Let me put it like this: if your linesman sees a player that is in offside, you're in an optimal position to verify the fact, why aren't you raising the flag?

We're still stuck on the magic word: why?

Because according to my way of thinking there is a certain protection for the biggest teams.
Is Roma protected?

No, absolutely not, Roma isn't protected. Apart from the handball on Mexès against Udinese, Roma certainly has received no help.

Then De Rossi did well voice his discontent after the Inter game, saying: "I'm afraid I'll never win a scudetto win Roma". A clear message.

Yes, he did well. It's a complicated discussion. (...) After a comment like Daniele's, there's a risk that everyone, including the referee, sees what happens on the pitch and comes out against us. Because of this I don't like talking about referees: at least we know how they work.

But silence isn't always golden.
That's true. But it can't be only us players who speak, the club has to as well. Roma still hasn't turned up, but it has to. Because when certain things happen to Real Madrid or to Barcelona, everyone speaks up: club and players. If you're not convinced of the things that are happening, you have to intervene with a statement, I'm waiting for it.

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