In the news: the yellowred Inzaghi

A disturbing thought, no? Yet that is the way La Gazzetta dello Sport chooses to masquerade otherwise joyous news; Francesco Totti, captain fantastic, is close to signing a new contract with Roma. The new deal is said to run into 2014, and represent a decrease in wages between 10%-20%, from today's €5,5mln net salary. That number makes him the club's best paid player (although it's no secret there are Spanish and northern Italian clubs that would have possibly doubled that figure to get Totti on their team), but the pink paper does point out that it's not a one way street. Totti in turn also makes Roma a lot of money, in terms of more beneficial sponsorship and TV contracts, due in large part to Totti making Roma a more attractive commodity for companies to throw their money at.

But still, 'l'Inzaghi giallorosso'? That's the best they have?

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