The Amazing Race: 8 games left

As it stands, Roma have five points to make up on Genoa, and three to make up on Fiorentina. Twenty four points to play for, eight games. We're so screwed.

It's not just that Roma probably has the least forgiving schedule of the three teams, it's the never-ending injury crisis and the team's form that all conspire to make Roma's chances less than excellent. Players gets injured, comes back, gets injured again, rinse and repeat. Which leads, in part, to the team kind of stinking it up bad right now. Fiorentina aren't playing good football either the last weeks, but they win, they keep on winning. Genoa, meanwhile, keep on winning, and playing quality football at the same time.

Exhibit A of why Roma making the fourth spot is a bad bet: the schedule
Week 31, Fiorentina-Cagliari, Genoa-Juventus, lazio-Roma
Week 32, Udinese-Fiorentina, Genoa-lazio, Roma-Lecce
Week 33, Fiorentina-Roma, Bologna-Genoa
Week 34, Fiorentina-Torino, Genoa-Sampdoria, Roma-Chievo
Week 35, Catania-Fiorentina, Atalanta-Genoa, Cagliari-Roma
Week 36, Fiorentina-Sampdoria, Genoa-Chievo, Roma-Catania
Week 37, Lecce-Fiorentina, Torino-Genoa, Milan-Roma
Week 38, Fiorentina-Milan, Genoa-Lecce, Roma-Torino

Roma has four home games, Fiorentina and Genoa both have five. Genoa play Juve next week, but with Pellisier having his way with Juve's defense something terrible yesterday, they're now gone from the race with Inter. They have no chance. What would normally be a much tougher game just became that much more bearable with Juve likely to lose a lot of motivation, their season now merely consisting of keeping an eye on Milan, so that they don't gain too much ground. Besides that game, Genoa have exactly two games that one would class as tricky on paper; the derby (semo tutti doriani) and away to Atalanta, who are up and down but has the capacity to put any team in A in trouble. Just ask Inter or, well, Roma.
The good news are...well, that we have a direct encounter with Viola and have the chance to make up three points on them in week 33. And Mutu is out for thirty to forty days.
That's it, no other positives anywhere to be seen as far as the eye can see. Roma plays lazio in the next game, and they're really, really bad. But according to the rules that govern derby dynamics, watch lazio play out of their skin against us, and fall back into mediocrity against Genoa the week after. God, they're annoying.

Exhibit B: the form
Two wins in the last seven games. Granted, only two of those were losses (Atalanta away and Juve home), but draws are about as useful to Roma right now as a hole in the head. This has definite room for improvement with Totti back to playing, but who knows.