Aquilani to 2013

In the news today we find that Aquilani has agreed to a new contract with Roma. There have been rumours circulating for around a month, but in an interview with Rai today, the player himself confirmed the veracity of those rumours. According to Aquilani himself, and Il Corriere dello Sport, the piece of paper, among romanisti heavily awaited, and the details it contains will be presented to the media and public soon enough. Il Corriere speculates, with seemingly good authority, that we're dealing with a four year contract, running until 2013, which will roughly double his wages compared to the old contract, which were to expire in 2010.

All moaning among some romanisti about Aquilani's seemingly constant injury problems aside, this is very good news, on many levels. Beyond the fact that the team's identity is strengthened by a Roman romanista's presence, that he's a very good midfielder with an upside few players in Italy today can dream of, there is also the fact that it makes financial sense to make sure he stays and not risk losing him to lucrative offers from Northern Italy. Half the G14 clubs would swoop in a second if they knew he was available, and I don't think disappointed romanisti are the only ones in the world that sees something these successful clubs completely miss.

Link to Il Corriere's article

In other joyous Roma news, we note that presidentessa Rosella Sensi gave birth to a healthy daughter today, whom her and her husband will call Livia.