Chicago 105-103 Boston

Oh, right, you came here for a recap of Roma's game. My bad. I'll sum up it up briefly: Roma needed an Interesque penalty to beat one of the absolutely worst teams in serie A, who now have amassed a total of two points in their last ten tries. It ended 3-2: two goals from the world's greatest capitano after Baptista's handy work (first a great free kick Totti put away on the rebound, then "winning" the "penalty" for 3-2) and Brighi.

A few things this game confirmed:
  • Arthur is worse than Doni, if anyone doubted it.
  • Totti is now serie A's tenth best goalscorer ever. Thanks for, y'know, existing and all.
  • The whatever from high atop the thing is testing all romanisti everywhere to tempt its wrath, but I refuse to buy it, I also encourage you to remain sceptical. Even after lazio beat a very tired Genoa and Viola fell hard in Friuli, and the point difference fell back to pre-derby levels. I won't re-ignite my hopes only to have it cruely ripped out of my body and force fed it sad, delusional remains. Nuh-uh, not me.
  • Baptista can hit a mean free kick. It may be viewed as some as natural that Totti passes them up for Baptista's favour, but that is something to acknowledge (much like letting DDR take the penalty away to Inter last season), especially given Totti's diety in Rome and in the club. He doesn't have to do it, but it's nice he recognizes Baptista's simply better at them.
Now let me go back to watching Derrick Rose.