In the news: bullets

Doni is to undergo surgery for the injury that has troubled (and hindered) him since last summer. The operation will effectively end Doni's season, the expected convalescence being around three months. He was flown to Holland during the week to be examined by dr. Marteens, accompanied by Roma's new chief medic, Del Signore. His predecessor, Brozzi, who was fired earlier this year, quickly warned that surgery always means risks and hints that the reason he hadn't acted on Doni's phsyical problems was a desire to avoid a van Basten case.

So now Arthur will be the starting goalkeeper for Roma until the end of the eason, reflecting a huge dropping of the proverbial ball in Roma's transfer strategy last summer, that aware of the problems with Doni should have made sure a good back-up was available in January, if not already in August.

HPP becomes the second firm (following IGM) within a week to de
ny any sort of contract with Roma as regards the new stadium, which no one still understands how Rosella will be able to finance.

Aquilani will return to Amsterdam on May 5th for further consultation on his injury problems, and will possibly undergo surgery on that same day or soon thereafter. He's most likely gone for the season.