Finally: something that doesn't make me want to scratch my eyes out

Spalletti expanded today on his, frankly, disappointing post derby comments, which made him look like a bad loser who would accept no responsibility, or that any blame was dished out to the team. A lot was based on the first goal and how it was a wrong decision to give the corner, and yada yada was weak and unbefitting of Roma's Mister. Especially this Mister, who is usually always correct in his dealings with others. But in a Wednesday interview with Sky, he's more apologetic, and humble. Some key excerpts translated below.

Given the background that he's been linked with two major teams in Italy this week, even in a troubled season:
-I don't see how one can be attractive during such a bad season. If the team is doing badly, he who leads that team holds the biggest responsibility and has made the biggest mistakes. In this case that's me, because the club sure has given me a great squad, and we are not performing as well as we have the capacity to.

About having a losing culture:
-I had a bit of a reaction on Sunday, after losing the derby, but when everything's summed up it seemed to me to be less, not as big a deal as what was shown to the outside [world]. This also happened because that one game determines a lot as regards the sporting aspects, our ambiance [in the locker room], the football in general. There were situations that went against us, and a minimum of reaction is there. I think Champions League is a very important competition, in which we would gladly face whomever, above all for the values it [CL] manifests. Because there is less scrutiny of the result, it has more to do with the sport and the real confrontation [between teams]. It's easier to welcome the final result.

One day earlier, Conti assured that 'things can change, but Spalletti will remain', a clear indication of the club's valuation of Spalletti (devil's advocate: or their valuation of any potential replacement). These comments above does indicate a healthier approach, and as long as Spalletti has that for next season, that will to redeem himself and the club, I think him staying is by far the best option for the club.

Link to Spalletti's interview