Roma 2-1 Bologna

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To be brief when recapping Roma's game on Sunday: the team won 2-1 at home to Bologna (ca-pi-ta-no!), but the three points are bittersweet, as they were only won after showing to the world in what bad shape the team is. Three points to prolong the suffering, so to speak. Three points to let the flame breathe for just a bit longer. But surely this can't last, not like this. Today Roma had one player out of fourteen (including subs) that were playing at a level one would normally expect from a team that wants to qualify for Champions. That one shining light was Totti (don't ever leave us alone like this again. Please?), and I don't know if we can even build castles in the air based on 90 minutes by the world's best - granted - but also the world's most injured captain, who before today hadn't touched a ball in weeks.

But for whatever it's worth, Totti is back, and he scored twice from the penalty spot. Both decisions were legit, for fouls on Tonetto (one of Roma's least bad today, by the by) and half time substitute Baptista. Considering this was the first time we've seen him since the Arsenal game, and the first time he played in serie A since February 21st, he did well, instantly making Roma look more sharp, composed, professional, all of which is nice of course. But this, we do well to remember, was a game against Bologna, living with a real threat of relegation hanging over them. A Bologna with Batman in goal, who was shaky already one decade ago when he came to Roma, it's a Bologna with one sole player playing at serie A level (Di Vaio). This was as far removed from a power statement as a victory could be concieved to be.

A look at the amazing race for the fourth spot to come up tomorrow, if you're interested in grim and depressing reading.

A final note: I thank you, reader, for acknowledging the great will it took for me not to simply name this post a ridiculous 'The Return of the King'. The temptation was great, but I prevailed.