Totti: number 10 in the record books; the number 10 of our hearts

The image above from Italian Wikipedia gives a good illustration of the standings of serie A's best goalscorers throughout history. (Piola, the leader, in all his glory, but check out Nordahl's out of this world goal average. Da-aaaamn!)

Totti is a lock to pass Boniperti before the season, but Batistuta looks difficult to reach during this season (on the other hand, he has four goals in three games now). La Gazzetta dello Sport put up a pdf breaking down every single of Totti's 175 goals in A (link below), which makes for interesting reading. Read the document like this: the box to the left says 'Where Totti's 175 goals have finished', and below it is illustrated a goal divided into different zones, each numbered for the amount of goals that went into which part of goals (including penalties in red and free kicks in blue). The box on the right illustrates from where Totti has scored his 175 goals.

La Gazzetta analyzes Totti's goals link