We're AS Roma. In between selfimposed public humilation, we play football sometimes

After being forced into ritiro on Monday morning, things took a new twist as Totti and De Rossi, representatives of the entire team, met with Rosella face to face (that other way of communication, the one that doesn't consist of writing open letters on the website). The meeting took place at the behest of the present and future captain, cruelly interrupting Rosella's day off.

During the sit down, the two players and the president allegedly argued, and settled on, the reasons for the "insufficient results of this season, including disciplinary measures". It culminates in the following proclamation: "It has been decided to interrupt the ritiro, based on the direct request of the players". Signed, "the players in the team".

Just an outstanding job all around there, Rosella. First you figured an open letter on the website would be the best way of communicating your outrage, in which you decide on a flawed and outdated method to attempt to 'fix' the problems, threatening to lock the players in there for weeks on end, overruling your coach's expressed wishes in the process, sparking discontent with the players who take offense at your questioning their dedication. The only thing that could top all of it would be going back on your decision altogether and call the thing off. That's bound to win you more respect and stature from a squad and coach whom you by all accounts had already lost. You're well worth your humble €100,000 wage this month, don't let anyone tell you any different.

It should also be noted that in the same press release the players denied the false rumors media ran with yesterday that the players blamed the fans for creating too much pressure, and maintained the fans are, and have always been, something special for Roma and the team.

Link: ASRoma.it press release