Alescio Bla Bla Bla

"Everything will be done by April 28th.
Fabio Alescio, April 20th

"The previously set date of April 28th could be postponed until next Saturday (May 2nd), when the stock exchange is sleeping. (...) The new ownership is already making moves their moves as the owners of Roma. They know they've assumed a great responsibility, where the mood of the people holds great importance. For this reason, they will move with the same style with which they assumed control of Roma."
Fabio Alescio,
April 23rd

"I reiterate: for me, the deal is done. The announcement won't be much longer."
Fabio Alescio,
April 29th

"In fifteen days there will be an official announcement from the Swiss group led by Fioranelli, who has already begun working for the future Roma. Principal targets on the transfer market are the Brazilian Diego of Werder Bremen, whom everyone thinks is going to Juve, and Arsenal's striker Adebayor. For the bench the front runner is Carlo Ancelotti."
Fabio Alescio, May 17th

"The deal is essentially concluded. The continually updating from the part of the media entails the phenomenons delusion and illusion.
Fabio Alescio,
May 21st

"The negotiations have already been held, they started in the beginning of the year.
I hypothesise that next weekend will be decisive, which puts us at June 2nd, with the stock exchange closed. (...) I give news and I do not dispense feelings and my news tell me that the negotiations are concluded.
Fabio Alescio, May 23rd