Champion Requiem: Oh Captain, My Captain!

15 years today.

I never knew him in my lifetime, he was already gone from Roma soon after I was born. But Agostino transcends mere time lines, and as a romanista it feels as if he lives on through the memories and stories of those who saw him, those who worshiped him as the ultimate captain, the ultimate romanoromanista.

I have a suspicion this date, fifteen years ago, is the closest equivalent to the JFK assassination calcio fans will ever live through. I've been told numerous stories from people and they all account with morbid undercurrents exactly what they were doing that day, when they heard that the captain was no longer with them.

I consider myself thoroughly unqualified to do the man, the myth, any justice, so I won't even try to. Instead I want you to listen to the song above in the Youtube clip; De Gregori's beautiful tribute, not so loosely based on Ago.