Time catches up with all of us

With this year's edition of the takeover discussions still ongoing, and no one really knowing anything concrete, today we were force fed a bitter pill from one year ago. As you may remember there was much ado last spring over the interest from world renowned George Soros in becoming the new owner of AS Roma.

That proposed deal came to a halt in April of 2008, and ever since has been created, forged, an atmosphere of uncertainty among the tifoseria, unsure whether Soros ever wanted Roma. No doubt reporters friendly with the management has helped spread this air of scepticism, spinning stories for a year on how absurd it would be to even consider it to be true, creating incredulous fans that finally succumbed to Roma's version: Soros, if they even talked, wasn't serious, or else he wouldn't have stopped the deal. Don't you get it?!

Then this morning financial paper MF Milano Finanza published an article confirming, once and for all, the real and legitimate interest Soros had in acquiring AS Roma. Referencing e-mail correspondence between the legal representatives handling the transaction on Soros' behalf and AS Roma, vindicating those who did insist the offer was real, and that the so called arab offer that came out of left field was simply invented to try to augment the purchase sum by inflating the prize. Consob, the Milano stock exchange's controlling body has opened investigations into whether that offer/interest from the arab sheiks (AS Roma never able to identify them further than that) was in fact genuine or fraudulent. Rosella handled the negotiations with one of the world's most famous people in finance as a sun burnt tourist in cargo shorts haggling over the prize at an Egyptian bazaar or a beach in Thailand, and in doing so robbed romanisti everywhere of a once in a lifetime opportunity to break free and create a new destiny, where every fan thinks we belong: on the roof looking out at Roman sun setting on the footballing world that is Roma's. That chance is never coming back now, and even if the current, ongoing negotiations are successful and Roma's new owner is named Flick, Fioranelli, Angelini, having one of the most powerful men in the world as the owner is gone forever. Grazie davvero, Rosella.

The Milano Finanza article can be found here, via Romanews.eu:
Soros voleva davvero la Roma