Battle of the Medics

Kaka and Ronaldinho are always injured there, while we get them back in shape. Kaka improved more in a week in Brazil than in the previous five at Milan.

"Brazil's medical staff quickly understood my physical problems. I improved more in the past seven days on international duty than in the last two months at Inter."

"I'll admit I was worried. I had started feeling pain in my Achilles' tendon again, after it had caused me problems all year, in a very persistent way. But in just a few days worth of work with [Italian NT physical trainer] Silvano Cotti, it went away, and now I'm fine."
-De Rossi

The quotes above are just the latest examples of these sentiments being expressed. The three above indicate problems in three separate clubs, so we can't just pin this all on AS Roma, as the trend clearly suggests problems in the way Italian clubs deal with injuries. As I couldn't care less about Milan or Inter, I only worry about this for the sake of Roma. As we may remember, Roma's head of the medical staff, Brozzo, was fired during this season after twenty five years as an employee. It's perfectly reasonable to me that someone gets fired for failing in their professional duties, but as Brozzo's left and the injuries have just kept on piling up, it should be questioned whether that move was ever more than a desperate attempt to do something, from the club's part.

I don't think the medical staff hired by Roma are incompetent, that seems almost insulting to suggest. But evidently, there are practices and methods they're either not aware of, or reluctant to use, and going by the testimony of the players themselves, this is hurting Roma and its players. I have a suggestion: tutti medici in ritiro! That would satisfy both Rosella's desire to be seen as someone who doesn't sit idly by, but actually acts (who could forget the post Fiorentina fiasco?), as well as give the medical staff ample time to hold some sort of seminar or lectures by people who are, sadly, more successful than they are in this field. I suspect Aquilani will be more than willing to chip in for travel expenses for the lecturers.