A Brief Status Report on the Battle of the Medics

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About two weeks ago I wrote about the discouraging trend that serie A players, more to the point; Roma players complained that their treatment from club doctors was detrimental to their recovery, when compared to the work done by the doctors in the Brazilian and Italian national teams.

From the ongoing Confederations Cup in South Africa Juan became only the latest to express his disappointment: '(T)he fact is that I haven't been able to recover well in Rome, I've had recurring relapses'. Juan also added that he will start his recovery from his latest injury (oh yes) on location in South Africa, before going to Brazil to complete the recovery.

But there are some good news too, the physio therapist Danielino raved about (stopping just short of swearing he's seen him make blind men see again) in the first Battle of the Medics post, link above, has been hired by Roma. I think that's excellent news, even if I don't know this Silvano Cotti or can claim to be an authority on his work. But if De Rossi says he fixed a problem that's been hampering him for months in just a few days, I'm willing to say this is looking like a great hire.