Déjà vuuuuu

I linked to this yesterday, but it really does merit space of its own. Below is an extract from an article from last summer concerning the takeover attempt of Bologna FC 1909 (eventually failed) which was in the works at the time of writing.
The story in short, to jog your memory: as can be understood from the article below, Bologna was on the verge of being sold to a group also represented by Fioranelli, but when it became time to close the deal, no money, or guarantees that any such exists, could be presented. The takeover deal imploded, all involved parties disappeared quietly without explaining their actions.

"The Anglo-Swiss group headed by Romano Spadaro is driven and encouraged by another conviction; to construct (in later to be determined areas) a new stadium for Bologna, a project that would look to elevate the standards of fruition, both during sporting events as well as at all other times. In conclusion: a modern stadium, that could turn out to be the spark that is needed for the club to make a real leap in quality. According to Spadaro and his group, a signed contract exists, while Cazzola [Bologna's president] insists it does not.

'He's signed, the contract exists and it's about time Cazzola respects it', these were the words of Vinicio Fioranelli, chairman of FIO Sports Group AG, official representative of VS Investment Group. 'I understand the irritation of the president of Bologna. This story is not only unpleasant for him, but also for us, much more so now that we have the intention of realizing the signed contract. I wouldn't want to crate further polemics which stem from momentary irritation, rather I believe that mr Cazzola, after a moment of reflection, will do the right thing and accept the fulfillment of the signed contract. I confirm that there's is a agreement signed by both parties, hence also by Cazzola, as well as by the acquiring group. I repeat: there is a signed agreement. I think that for the good of Bologna, and of Cazzola himself, it would be good if the climate cooled down.

I don't want to participate in triggering fights, and I say this for the good of Bologna, that is in a very delicate moment of its season right now. I think that in this moment some calm is needed. However, I repeat that we're still enthusiastic and motivated by this partnership, and with us Bologna would remain a club with Bolognese roots and values. In closing: from our part we have always demonstrated proof of our available funds, and our negotiations have always been sustained by an honest rapport between the involved parties'."

Anything that seemed familiar? Fioranelli insisting he had delivered adequate guarantees of his financial means, the selling party remaining utterly unconvinced, the promise of a stadium...we've heard that before somewhere, haven't we?