Identify the Winner; Identify the Loser

Today Blogistuta brigs you an exercise in deduction and pseudo sports psychology, the objective is simple: read the two quotes below, and try to match them up with a successful athlete or respectively a never-has-been, probably never-will-be

The first is from Marco Andreolli's agent:
"Marco needs to be in a system where he's allowed to play, to grow, to improve. It would be useful for Roma too: after a a season of high quality in serie A the club would have a highly valued player"

Read as: I'm not sure about this whole earning my place deal. I'd just rather be somewhere more relaxed, where I know I can play every week and my place is guaranteed no matter what. Even if it's for a relegated team from the sticks. Also, can I have some milk please?

The second quote is from Kobe Bryant, newly crowned NBA champion for the fourth time:
"As far as me hitting the wall, so what if I did? I didn't, but so what if I did?
What does it mean if you did? It means nothing. Because? Because I'll run straight trough it."

Read as: Nothing can stop me.

Andreolli is playing in the Euro Under 21 tournament with opponents two years younger than him right now. When it is over he will return to his club, which has one defender suspended every other week of the season, and another injured about as often. Andreolli is still looking for the easy way out before he's even been really tested, and that is very discouraging to me. I'm a big believer in attitude as an important part of forging a career in sports; Andreolli may be technically refined for a central defender, but so are literally thousands of players playing on school yards and tennis courts everywhere. What allows players to rise above and reach the highest level is in no small part a willingness to work to always become better, and to constantly challenge yourself. Andreolli is twenty three years old, but going on quotes like this his entire career looks to be written in the stars: it doesn't spell success.