Just one more thing...

I join the greatest Malena in the world at l'Eco der core in highlighting five very important questions to Vinicio Fioranelli, asked by journalist Enrico Maida in Monday's Il Messaggero. They are, without further ado:

1) A football club is a special business because it concerns economical interests as well as sentimental interests. What are the motives that bring you to Rome after the unsuccessfull
acquisition of Bologna?

2) Volker Flick, indicated as the future president of Roma, as well as financial partner of the operation, has never said a word. Today, for the first time we managed to publish his photograph, but there is no other information about the person, who does not appear to be a part of the Flick family linked to Mercedes. So who is Volker Flick?

3) In addition to the Roma operation, on June 10th, you created a new company, Labouchere Ag, wherein, in addition to your son Jesse, are two Romans: Mauro Brandano and Adriano Di Palma. Is by any chance mr. Di Palma the broker expelled from the profession association in decision 15347 by Consob [the independent administrative authoritative body of the Italian stock exchange]?

4) The Roma deal would cost about €500 million: 201 for the Sensi family, 99 for the public purchasing and 200 spread over four years for signing players. Can you indicate names and surnames of all the persons financially involved in acquiring Roma?

5) The Fifa agent Vinicio Fioranelli up until now represents seventy footballers. It is true that Italy is a particular country when it comes to dealing with conflicts of interest, but would this not seem to you to be a fact that could create some embarrassment on the market for Roma?

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