A Long Hot Summer

So the nightmarish season finally ended. Some closure or round-up will show up here at some point, in which you can expect criticism for just about everyone, except for Totti whom I will probably shower with sycophantic words of praise.

But in the meantime, the calciomercato has already begun, and madness has already ensued. For Roma the stakes are higher than for most, the very future of the club hanging in balance, as well as whatever moves the club makes for players going in and out of Trigoria. But on Blogistuta, you can expect no transfer gossip; no rumours of Player X buying a house in Rome so he must be close to signing (ever heard that one before?); no masturbatory waste of jotted down characters and time as we dream of how a certain player could fit in. What you will get is me having fun at the expense of the transfers and statements of Roma and other clubs. Preziosi, Lotito, Zamparini, they'll all be here during this long, hot summer.