A Study in the Degrees of Sucking

Suppose there are two different schools amongst football clubs, when it comes to website maintenance. One the one hand you have asroma.it, which has looked the same way since 1979 and only been updated scarcely since. On the other hand you have realmadrid.com, which looks like something from the future in comparison to the former. Radio links, photos, videos, Facebook links, updated after the birth of Iker Casillas; you name it, they got it.

Doesn't seem like a fair fight so far, I know. But wait. What if we put a proverbial spoke in the wheel, and add a variable; suppose now that the actual updates on the latter website are of such questionable quality that it kind of makes you cringe just a little when reading it. Let's study some examples:
Kaka and Zidane seem at first to be different players; they don't have the same background and their traditions are completely the opposite from one another. Nevertheless, they have many things in common.
Did you catch that, you're on board so far? They're completely different, but they're also kinda just the same. We'll show you how!
Both Zidane and Kaka achieved stardom in the Italian league after making their debuts in their home countries. The second stop in their careers was Spanish team Real Madrid.
Wouldn't that...make Real Madrid their third stop? Granted, I may or may not have passed second grade mathematics, but I'm going to go out on a limb here.
Both landed at Real Madrid with a World Cup title under their belt. Zidane won in 1998 and Kaka in 2006.
So far they seem identical, I'll give you that, realmadrid.com. Except...I just...I can't put my finger on it. Ah well. I'm happy for Kaka and his 2006 World Cup, sure looked like one hell of a party.
Zidane and Kaka were 27 years old when they signed for Real Madrid and they won a Ballon d'Or before signing for the Club.
Besides bragging about players winning stuff before they had anything to do with their new club sounding like something Galliani would say (and actually did, many times), I must again question the mathematical skills of realmadrid.com, as I think Zidane was 29 at the time of his move (and by the look of his scalp, going on 70).
Zidane wore the number '21' shirt at Juventus and Kaka was number '22' Milan.
Dude, no way! That's totally freaky.
Both players have great admiration for each other.
At this point, am I the only one who would be shocked if Kaka doesn't score a winning volley in the next Champions League final?

So, given how thin those arguments had to be stretched to turn it into a comparison, you think you'd might have been better off just not doing it? You know, not trying to put a square peg through a round hole, that whole type of thing. I guess this means...good job, asroma.it! Er...kudos on not doing anything at all?