Talking to the Mirror

As we all may or may not be familiar with, AS Roma is owned by Italpetroli. Italpetroli's main shareholder is, in turn, the Sensi family which controls 51% of the company. In other words, Rosella Sensi owns Italpetroli which owns AS Roma, where she is the president.

Today, in a communique on, Rosella could be seen talking to herself in the mirror, essentially flattering herself and giving herself compliments (due to the day of jubilee announced yesterday when most people thought she had sold?):

Regarding the management [of AS Roma] Italpetroli again confirms the esteem the company holds for it, earned over the years through demonstrations of great trustworthiness and competence which has allowed the club to reach enormous successes on both a sporting level as well as a financial level.

The press statement is at the time of writing this the latest development in a hectic 24 hour takeoverpalooza, in which the media had already declared the club sold to Vinicio Fioranelli and the group he represents, determined (how?) which players he would be looking to bring in, hunt down Totti on vacation in Greece to see if he knew of it, before winding up at square one again. The deal was said to be done and announced on Monday morning, and one way or another we'll find out by then where we stand.


Press release from Italpetroli >>