And It Begins

After thirty some days on beaches around the world, Roma was back on the grass on Sunday as a local selection of the Austrian village's finest ball kicking gardeners, hotel receptionists and waiters made up the first test for the season.

The team is still far from complete, and several starters are still enjoying their vacations, prolonged due to national team service after the serie A season had ended. But for whatever it's worth, Spalletti experimented with a 4-2-4 formation today, which tells us...absolutely nothing about the coming season. Sorry. We won 9-0 in a "game" against veterinarians and skiers, you didn't expect these 90 minutes to give any real clues about this season's system or tactics, did you? Inevitably, as Brighi returns, as Aquilani returns, as De Rossi does the same, the team will be changed around again. I wouldn't pay too much attention to the numbers game yet.

But performances are less abstract to look at, and reports say they were good indeed. Totti, in his first real, injury free pre season since Roma's founding, scored three goals and led the line. Guberti slotted right in, and I smell a new man crush coming from Spalletti. Well, everyone apparently played good, to cut to the chase. And in reality anything less would have been fair grounds for unilaterally shredding their contract and next pay check, based on my total of 75 minutes looking at a law book. Still, we're upbeat and cautiously optimistic around here, and wish to rain on no romanista's parade.

In closing, in his press conference Totti was his self, and had words of praise for both Rosella Sensi and Spalletti. Not the empty phrases kind, they actually appeared to reflect things Totti genuinly does appreciate with them respectively. He believes Roma can come good this year and be the proverbial wrench in other's wheels, and expressed belief in the quality of the group. And his contract, up next summer, will be replaced with a new deal before the end of the month. Sorry, Irti.