Here Comes That Brand New Flava In Ya Ear

Let it not be said that romanisti are uninspired or uncreative. Even in these barren times can creative people find inspiration to creating something great. Like this:

It's a song by Roman reggae artist Brusco (website here, MySpace here) about Roma and the Sensis. Entitled 'La Sensi che mi piace' (The Sensi that I like - *cough*), beyond its sound it has some funny lines. My favorites (direct translations are in vain as it would lose too much):

As Brusco speculates on whether or not Sensi will call back Nonda, he's damn sure she won't be bringing Drogba...
E non so se mo' riprendi Nonda
Ma so che no non prendi Drogba
The people are biting their nails and smoking cigarettes, while hoping that Francesco can win the Champions League before he quits...
La gente di fatiche pe' sta squadra giĆ  ne fa parecchie
si mangia le unghie e fuma sigarette
e magari prima che Francesco smette
vorrebbe la coppa co le orecchie
It is decidedly anti Rosella, and does cover more than the wordplay written out above, like being in the hands of the banks, suspicions that people couldn't handle seeing a really strong Roma, being robbed of our dreams as fans, to name a few. It unfortunately also has some objectionable lines of a more personal nature aimed at Rosella, which holds no significance to neither the song nor the message, and only serves to distract from what should have been just a funky summer song with exactly the right amount of irony.