How far that little candle throws its beam! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.

From the Mediterranean Games comes this story of the Italian U20 team. Italy, led by former Roma icon Francesco Rocca, but known by everyone as Kawasaki, played Libya and thanks to a 1-0 win qualified for the final of the games. The most interesting thing, however, was something decidedly foreign from cold result calculations. Reports La Gazzetta dello Sport:

It was the sending off, because of two yellow cards, of Libya's best player in the game that provoked the game's most significant episode. Sudani sacrificed himself in a counter attacking move by Mustacchio and stopped him by fouling, but with no ill will. The second yellow card was inevitable. He, who turns 18 in October, started crying like a child. Heading towards the locker room, he passed behind the Italian bench. Rocca left his area, went to meet him and comforted him. He then explained: 'He's a kid who tried to realize a dream, I saw him broken and crying. He deserves respect'. The crowd followed the Italian coach with great applauses for the couragous adversary. Rocca's is another stature compared to many personalities in football.
Kawasaki's own playing career was ended all too soon at the age of 26 after injuries, so success in other aspects of the sports could hardly happen to someone more deserving.