A Long Hot Summer: the Buy-In

Marca reports that Real Madrid has now focused their attention on Daniele De Rossi. I say, first of all, congratulations to waking up from that half decade long slumber and finally recognizing the value of a real central midfielder. We're all very fond of Danielino 'round here too, so your fascination is more than understandable.

Now, I don't speak Spanish (unless speaking Italian with a Spanish intonation counts; based on experience in South America it does not) but I see Marca mentioning the sum of 30 million. Given its relatively low nature I can only assume the thirty million is the buy-in price to get a seat at the table discussing the transfer of Danielino. So it's thirty million plus the actual offer for him, correct? Because there is no way anyone could believe DDR could cost as little as thirty million with Xabi Alonso having a 47 million price tag around his neck, right? Right.