No One Likes You Any More

(Updated below)

Apparently Nicola Irti, mentioned
here as Fioranelli's ex lawyer is still a member of the latter's legal representation. That might have been a mistake (or the strangest way ever to try to get out of the scene), as the very same Irti this morning in an interview sounded off on what he felt was destroying Roma: Totti.

Yes, it's Totti that's wrecking Roma from within, and Roma should liberate themselves from the supposed tyrant. Admittedly the interviewed object sounds either drunk or entirely delusional in his rambling, and is not necessarily always coherent, but he's still in the Fioranelli camp, and a denial have yet to appear, several hours after the radio interview's airing.

Buh-bye, Fioranelli. I trust no one will ever see you again.

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Update: Fioranelli has since went on the same radio station as Irti did this morning, and tried to make good. Words of praise for Totti, assurances the deal is still on-going, assertions that no one is authorized to speak for his group except for himself, his son Jesse, and Volker Flick. Whoever he is.