Perrotta Injured, Roma Bites Bullet

Simone Perrotta injured his thigh during practice yesterday, and will miss the rest of the pre season. He's expected to sit out two months, rendering him useless to Roma in both of terms of tactical value and as a player to sell on in the market.

The injury perfectly exposes Roma's failure to kill their own darlings. It's not a mystery that Perrotta of all people is the one suffering muscle injuries after a few days of practice; his entire game is, and has been for at least the last five years, based on relentless running and physical sacrifice. It's easy to see why that endears him to coaches, but the wear and tear is getting to him. For the past two seasons Perrotta could no longer make those tireless runs as often as was needed, and his performances suffered for it. With his contract expiring next summer, this post season was clearly the time to cash in and sell him on to introduce younger, fresher legs. His agent even mentioned interest from abroad (Bayern Munich, for example) and from other good clubs in Italy (Fiorentina in primis).

Instead of capitalizing on this interest, it's reported that Perrotta's contract was up for renewal instead, tying him to Roma well into his thirties. And now here we are; Roma has a player who commands a not insignificant salary, could have commanded a respectable fee if sold, and whose muscles are shot to hell and worn out.

Sadly, Perrotta is not the only one. While players like Simone, Cassetti, Tonetto and Taddei have been great players for the team, and very useful for years, it's not by chance that these are the players breaking down repeatedly in injury, and looking sluggish once they're fit to play. Roma's unwillingness to kill its darlings will unfortunately potentially come at a severe price.

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