We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future

'I think the local institutions have to keep an eye on what is happening around the sale of AS Roma. True, officially it is a private affair, but the many obscure points throws thousands of giallorossi fans into a state of anxiety as they see the future of their heart's team grow ever more uncertain. I'm convinced it cannot simply be a discussion between one or more banks or with one ownership, essentially it's an argument that concerns the society of our city and of our region. I therefore ask that Marrazzo [Piero, president of the region Lazio] but also Zingaretti [Nicola, president of the Province of Rome (and brother of Montalbano!)] and Alemanno [Gianni, Mayor of Rome] to stop being spectators to this situation and to represent until the end the organisms that are following the developments of the affair, and all the worries of the Roma fans. It'd be good if everyone understood that Roma is not a bar of soap that you buy at the supermarket; it's a piece of history, economy and of the heart of this city.'

-Enzo Foschi, vicepresident of the Sport Commission of the Lazio region.