Without A Trace

Know what's gone missing during the last month and a half or so? The stadium. You remember, the one that was all the rave to talk about toward the end of last season. The stadium that was 'all planned out, and will be presented shortly'. It has seemingly disappeared into the black hole that is the never-ending takeover saga, and not a word has been spoken about it by the club, nor has it been a topic the media has latched onto, or continued to pursue.

Meanwhile, Lazio's stadium is going ahead according to plans. In today's Il Tempo the paper reports that the club will present its project to dangerous populist mayor Alemanno and his appointed delegate for the two Rome club's stadiums on July 28th at the Campidoglio. Already attached to the project is a firm specialized in stadium building (A.M.A. Group), an architect, a piece of land.

I do this grudgingly, but: this is a real project. This is what it's supposed to look like. It has a deadline, a real plan, a clear idea on how much attendance is ideal, a strategy on how to maximize profit by adding things beyond the stadium, virtually making it a complex dedicated to Lazio.

If Lazio are doing it, how difficult can it be?

Everybody bla bla bla.