Doni Out: Someone Please Fire Somebody

With the news that Doni will miss even more games than previously thought (now expected back at the end of October), I bet every romanista in the world thought of Artur when they learned this. And then either sighed massively or broke down crying.

He was operated on at the end of May, having gone through a season riddled with niggling injuries that severely affected his game. The only right thing to do was to learn from that and let him heal properly, not forcing him back before he was ready. But, as everyone is aware of, we still have Artur as our backup.

There are two plausible scenarios here:
- The club decided that Artur could handle the few games Doni was previously expected to miss, and that a new backup would thus be unnecessary.
- They slept on the summer mercato, and missed a lot of alternatives that was linked to Roma.

Both are inexcusable.

The first scenario could be an indication of severe depletion of logic: if Doni went out injured last season (and still hadn't recovered), is it entirely impossible that Roma could, once again, find itself in a situation where entrusting the backup goalkeeper is needed? Maybe?
More than this, it's even downright plausible, and always was. Even before these latest news. Hinging a season that determines a lot of how Roma's short term future looks like to the success of Artur, who is simply not good enough, is irresponsible and illogical.

The second scenario at least would not be as lacking in logic, but instead hopelessly bereft of action. Flavio Roma was rumoured as a freebie alternative, and I doubt many would be left disappointed with that - turns out he didn't want to hang around and wait for Pradè to come home from vacation, and signed for Milan instead. Chievo just declared Sorrentino as unsellable, and even if we don't take that at face value, they just gained a lot of leverage with everyone knowing the predicament Roma is in with Doni missing eight league games and six games in Europe.