Fioranelli Suspected For Stock Manipulation

As mentioned before, an investigation in underway into the unstable and highly fluctuating price for AS Roma stocks these past months. And to the surprise of very few, Vinicio Fioranelli has now been named as a suspect in that investigation. When the takeover attempt had been going on long enough for Fioranelli to be in the paper every day and people started wonder if he really had any money (and at some points Roma's stock listing rising over 50% over night), but not yet long enough for him to disappear completely, speculation began about his real intentions. Stock manipulation was always mentioned as a possible motive for trying to buy Roma without any money, when he knew himself he didn't have the means to conclude the deal.

The Italian finance police has also contacted its British and American counterparts to investigate foreign trading in Roma stocks.

According to the investigation, AS Roma's position in this has been 'unassailable', and is not suspected of any wrongdoing.

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