A Long Hot Summer: A Mini Giro d'Italia

Here now, a two quick stops in the peninsula to report the best of the worst in Italian football this morning.

- Milan's website published this morning a note communicating the rescinded contracts of their two Uruguayan players Mathías Cardacio and Tabare Viudez. This is not laughable because the players themselves are very good, but because of the sacrifices they made to accommodate them. Cardacio has an Italian passport, so he's cool, but Viudez doesn't. So all of last season when Favalli and Kaladze were lighting it up in Milan's central defense, that was because Milan kept their new signing Thiago Silva in the stands, due to Viudez holding the final non EU spot on the team. Again: they sacrificed a very good defender for the services of Viudez, whose only competitive appearance for Milan was for literally ten seconds as Beckham was being substituted for applauses. That's it, that's what they sacrificed their entire defense for, which in turn sacrificed their season and all hopes of accomplishing anything. Almost makes AS Roma look like it's managed with careful planning.

- "I will never say another team is stronger than mine, I don't care if it's Fiorentina, Milan or Inter". Yeah alright, easy there, Zenga. Though I find his polo shirt and what's embroidered on his right chest in this photo below downright awesome.

- Please consider this old post an appetizer ahead of tomorrow's game.