The Most Quotable Ever Doesn't Have Time For the Feeble Minds of the TV Pundits

The panel on Sky Calcio Show started talking back to the wrong guy; Lotito responds by going on an infinite, never ending tirade during which he lectures the outrageously contentious panel, and secondary us viewers. While the topic may have been Lazio's three "dissidents", Pandev, Ledesma and De Silvestri, Lotito feels no need to be restrained by this and uses it only as a starting point for a vast array of semi-cohesive spitting. It is a humbling lesson in, among other things, humanism and jurisprudence from the Most Quotable Ever, but I'm unsure whether the closing words of host Ilaria D'Amico that it will be continued next week should be considered a threat or a promise.