The End of A Long Hot Summer: Running Commentary on the Last Day of Transfers

Here's the lay of the land: the transfer market closes for Italian teams at 7pm local time today. Roma is right between a rock and a hard place, and could do with some reinforcements, but has no money that we, or anyone in the world including Roma's CFO, knows of. I am armed with La Gazzetta dello Sport and Il Corriere dello Sport's live updates of all transfer activity, and the radio on in the background. No need for, as that won't be updated until January anyway. Right, let's go:

1pm - I just saw word that Mancini might be on the way back to Roma. Very unawesome. What's sad about this, is he'll probably be good enough for Roma to start most games. But I think that says more about Guberti and Taddei than it does of this decidedly overweight tantrum throwing ex.

4pm - Roma signs a goalkeeper! Lobont, the Romanian. Wait, what? Roma signed a goalkeeper the day after the first time anyone at all played a good game in that position for close to six months? Yeah, makes total sense that Roma would do this, on second thought. We now have as many goalkeepers as we do central midfielders - think about that for a while. Let the absurdity soak in.

5pm - Roma signs an attacker! Wait, what? Who's Zemblera? A primavera player from Samp, I see. Well that's ok, maybe he has big upside and is a prospect that can grow with ti...oh he's only here on loan? Yeah alright, now I recognize Pradè's fingerprints over this mess. Please do not ask me how I feel about Roma being reduced to loaning a primavera player. From Samp.

5.30pm - La Gazzetta and CorSport seem to differ on who this Zemblera Zamblera is (never a good sign when the two biggest sports papers in the country can't identify a player). La Gazzetta says he's on loan from Samp, and that he used to play for Newcastle. CorSport says he's ex Atalanta, now belonging to Newcastle, from whom he is now on loan at Roma. I didn't think it was possible, but the second alternative makes me even more depressed. We could be taking on a loan player from England's second league.

6pm - One full hour left for madness to happen. Expect the worst. Will Roma come through on the other side with all of its star players? Will we have brought in more of Inter's scraps? Will we still have a coach? Stay tuned.

6pm - I was just reminded by someone of why Lobont has been linked with Roma before this summer: he's been in Rome recuperating for a couple of weeks. Recuperating from an injury. Fantastic, just what we needed, more injured goalkeepers. 

6.10pm - Following the difficulty of the newspapers to identify Zamblera and where he plays, SkySports just called the player Zambrella, instead of his name. This is seven kinds of promising.

7.01pm - The market is closed. Roma lost Aquilani, and took in a bunch of freebies and loanees, most of whom will be utterly insignificant for Roma this, and any other, year. This has been a depressing couple of months, only made bearable by players like Ménez and Vucinic staying despite being heavily linked away earlier.