Roma 1-3 Juve: Stray Thoughts

- Julio Sergio hasn't played a game for three years before today? But more important is why he hasn't played for three years. He's obviously a better player than Artur, and yet we've had to witness half of the cast of the horror show Straight Outta Siena for all this time. What's up with that?

- I wonder if that was an active attempt by Spalletti to field the slowest possible starting eleven, or just an accident. Cassetti and Riise looked like they'd have trouble qualifying for the Geriatric Olympics based on Juve's first goal (but sadly, not only), while Taddei could have had a head start of an entire week and still not beat anyone under the age of 40 in a sprint. As soon as Vucinic and Cerci came on, Roma started looking a little bit more like the athletes they're supposed to be.

- Speaking of Cerci, kid's kinda good, isn't he? 

- Worst game ever by Totti? In fairness, he did hit the post at the end, so a case could be made for him still being almost decisive. Also in the fairness category, he can't play that type of attacking game. He won the golden boot two years ago as a striker, but he was still asked to play a different game than today (and against Genoa, for that matter). Not even Totti five, or ten years ago could play like that, to receive the ball so low and be expected to take it past two or three defenders all by his lonesome, so it's not all physical decline. Still, I can't remember ever seeing him worse than tonight.

- This game was so rough the referee's yellow card broke in the first half--literally. It broke in two halves.

- This team lacks ideas. It lacks all things a modestly successful team needs: a foundation, an attitude, a self belief. There was hardly a cohesive move all game long, and everything happened more or less by chance. Spalletti said a few days ago that Roma are operating the mercato by 'navigating by sight', but it feels as though that plan has taken over the team's style of play too. Nothing seemed to happen by design, all game long. Before DDR's goal Roma created nothing, and after the goal when something happened and passes connected, it always felt as if it were fuelled solely by adrenaline and confidence rather than any sort of grand plan they were following. My beef isn't even with the fact that Juve scored three goals like that, there's plenty about Roma's own impotent game that merits more attention.

- Poulsen played for like thirty seconds but was still the worst player of the game. 

- I know Spalletti walked around today, and he even stood for most of the game. But someone please tell me anything at all that indicates he's motivated to steady this ship. I'll take almost anything, but I have a hard time seeing past my impression that he has nothing left to give this team. It's not that he's not a good coach, I maintain that he is, but it feels as though even a lesser coach would be a lot more valuable to this team and club right now. But such a drastic move would undoubtedly have been more well timed had it come during the summer - paradoxically, it could be both too late and too soon, at the same time.