Udinese: no al calcio moderno

The snowball is already rolling down the hill, and there's no stopping it by now. There are few attempts to even do so any longer, as well. Perhaps that is why stories of resistance stand out so much, and makes the sun shine and little birds sing.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reports about Udinese's season ticket campaign - a time of the year when clubs usually take money from the fans, and give them back empty promises that are seldom delivered. Not so this year, when the club has lowered their prices as the club's way of showing solidarity in the financial hardship, where many are unemployed.

For the unemployed fans of the club, season tickets can be had for as low as €40, in the curva. The distinti section runs at a higher prize, but at €100 it's still very much attainable.

(Via La Gazzetta dello Sport)