Lo stadio redux

 Roma's vice president during today's presentation of Stadio Franco Sensi:

Not sure if it's fair to say this is indicative of the presentation, but it sure is funny.

The stadium itself looked better than I had imagined (if not spectacular), and it's hard to complain about being so much closer to the pitch (shortest distance 9 meters compared to Olimpico's 19; longest distance 66 compared to Olimpico's 98). But in what seemed to be a parody of my worst fears, we got no answers whatsoever to the most important question (which isn't if Franco Sensi's face will be visible on a giant screen on the outside; it will be); how much it will cost to construct, and who will graciously pick up the bill. Those questions were either evaded or circumvented, and it's hard for me to view this as little more than a video presentation a kid (a kid who's really good at computers, i.e. certainly not me, but roll with it) could have cooked up on a laptop, and the blessed presence of mayor Alemanno.

None of Alemanno's colleagues in politics seems to be as convinced of the greatness in this stadium, judging by the storm of dissenting voices coming in after the presentation was concluded. People from all party affiliations, and holding all kinds of different positions seems a) pretty sure this isn't needed, and b) pretty sure this isn't something they need to get behind for political reasons, leaving Alemanno looking like he miscalculated the way the wind was blowing. Regardless of who's right, I think it's a lot harder for one politician standing alone to get this signed off on (even if he is the mayor), than for everyone else to stop it from gaining traction.

Below are links to some photos and the video in case you've missed it. There'll be more on this later, when life doesn't collide with Roma so fantastically as this week.