The Long Hot Summer Has Now Ended

Some follow-ups on the last day of transfer activity for AS Roma:

- It appears (although it isn't yet confirmed) that Roma tried to get Ruud van Nistelrooy on loan. There was allegedly communication(!) with Real Madrid back and forth up until 6.57pm, but the player refused to move, and it was all in vain. I'm unsure how much stock I want to put in this rumor, it wouldn't it beyond this management that this is the kind of thing they think is honorable, that it's good pr. "See, we tried to get a real champion but it didn't work out in the end". On the other hand, it's hard to imagine how a player refusing to come to the club is good pr. Ah, on second thought, that makes it very likely this is real. This sounds exactly like the kind of pr stunt this club would pull.

- Lobont has been injured for months, and has been training at Trigoria and seeing doctors in Rome as part of his recovery. He's still out injured, and expected back around the same time Doni is. Go, planning!

- Zambrella Zemblera Zamblera update! He is, as CorSport correctly reported, from Atalanta's primavera team, from where he moved to Newcastle 18 months ago. He spent last year on loan at Samp's primavera team (according to Samp fans I've talked to, him playing mediocre is a good day for him, even at that level), and now here he is. Roma is paying him the minimum wage allowed by law, which just sounds like a real affair. (In an inspired post on Popolo Giallorosso tonight, poster Beethoven made the case that it can't be excluded that the kid is actually kidnapped and held for ransom, that makes more sense than Roma signing him)
And guess what - he's reportedly injured, and out until December. Only in Roma. If karma is real, we romanisti must have done some very horrible stuff in the past.