A New Low

The contract dispute continues. It's gone so far that Totti felt he had to go on tv, in order to defend to some fans why he deserves a new contract with Roma. Being the club's all time greatest player, the club's best goal scorer, the club's representative to the outside world, being faithful to this - frankly - largely mediocre club rather than going to Madrid, Barcelona, Milano and earning more than double in wages, as well as winning everything there is to win - all of this obviously isn't enough anymore. We have to drag him on television too, to make him explain himself. And for who? A group of ingrates who are ignorant of their own history, as well as the all but assured fact that after Totti leaves the club there will be nothing but darkness for so long that they will start to forget what the light even looks like. Was it not enough that we saw first hand how Maldini was treated during his farewell game in front of his fans, can we learn nothing from that shameful behavior? 

We have reached a new low today. I'm ashamed.