Roll Call: Curva Sud Absent

A word, too, on Curva Sud. A boycott of the game's first half was planned, and I sympathize with the cause: it was a protest against the new tessera del tifoso system being implemented in a stadium near you. If you aren't familiar with the reform, the most spangly princess of them all, Vanda, writes about it brilliantly here. (The first must read link I've submitted on this site, you need to check it).

But when you're going to impose upon yourself a boycott from the first half of football, please understand that you will look ridiculous when you abandon said boycott prematurely just because you heard Roma score a second goal. It makes what could have been an important statement look insincere and improvised. The measure they protested brings such far reaching consequences that it deserved a better execution.

But the drop that overflows the cup of ridiculousness came after the game, when the players went under the curva to show their appreciation for the support. As Totti threw his shirt over the fence, it was thrown back at him. This comes only a few days after fans at Trigoria proclaimed they would protest everyone on the team except De Rossi, which makes them hypocrites as well as tactless.

I realize I'm approaching the point where I'm just nagging on about the discourse surrounding Totti's contract, but I can't drop it. I don't accept the criticism towards him that has been raised - he is now and historically Roma's best player, and his value to the team is beyond question. His dedication is also unassailable, which leads into the "I support only the shirt" creed. The guy who threw back the shirt at his team's captain is, in the very best of worlds, someone who is loyal to Roma and doesn't eat off the club at all. Sadly doing the latter is not an unheard of thing for too many in the curva. But regardless, assuming we do reside in this best of all worlds possible, we have a person who loves the club dearly and who hurts when the team is not doing well. But Totti is that, he feels all of that, and he's the best player in the team and its captain. He is Roma.

Those who would throw his shirt back haven't earned the right to elevate themselves over him in that manner, and they disgrace a once great Curva Sud.