Whispers in the Corridors of Power

Yesterday in connection to their broadcast of Palemmo-Roma, Mediaset Premium reported of a meeting between mayor and insidious populist Alemanno and Francesco Angelini (refresh your memory on Angelini's background here). Though we know not what was said in the meeting, the reason for the meeting is reported as being Angelini's desire to take control of AS Roma. It's interesting that he goes to the mayor to make his case: both because it shows this is someone who knows how Roman business and politics works, and because it's quite remarkable that there should be a need to involve the mayor of a city in the sale of a football club.

The word of the meeting completely over shadowed another piece of news released earlier that day:

Roma announced yesterday that on next Tuesday (only two weeks after they said it would be), there will be a presentation of the stadium project at Trigoria, in the presence of aforementioned mayor. All of the question marks involved (Rosella's belief that Roma won't have to invest a single cent, the timing, to name but two) makes me skeptical until I see something substantial, something more than fluff.

Until then, it's worth highlighting the words of Giulio Pelonzi, vice president of the Commission for Culture and Sport. He expressed this morning to the press disbelief that neither he in his role, nor the city's delegate for sports, was ever informed of something as big as the construction of a new stadium. He further highlighted the fact that anyone is free to talk to the mayor, or the region's president, but that until the day when the legal requirements are met, this is a presentation of a vision; not a presentation of an concrete and factual acts. "[it] will be the presentation of a will, a legitimate will, but one that will not embark any sort of administrative procedure".