Enemies of Roma

Today AS Roma held an annual meeting for the shareholders. Present was, among others, Rosella Sensi in the role of president and majority shareholder. It being an open forum where it's difficult to exclude disconcerting voices - as the club has done during the fall to critical voices in the media, such as the paper Il Romanista - we had the chance to see some expressions of, let's say, displeasure with the state of the club.

Passed around in the media has been, among others, this monologue by a hero fan, Massimi:
I note with pleasure that Rosella [Sensi] is present. This is a good thing, any further absence of hers could be interpreted as a lack of respect towards the shareholders. We're the ones who purchase the product Roma, having invested in the stocks twice. An investment that's been depreciated by up to 80 or 90%; an investment made for the sake of passion. I would like to know how it is that the board of directors, beyond Yourself, feature Mrs. Angela Nanni; Maria Nanni; dott.sa Silvia Sensi; and Maria Cristina Sensi, the president's sisters. And there we stop, because we've run out of relatives. The president truly feels not the slightest sense of embarrassment. Today Pippo Marra isn't here, which is a shame, because it would have been interesting if he'd explain a certain arab fax [the invented so called "arab offer" by unidentified sheiks, in order to jack up the price for Soros].

The president seemingly doesn't find it bizarre receiving wages from the club for which she is the president. Moratti, Della Valle and others do not do this. The budget is closing in the negative. Wouldn't it have been better to renounce from the compensation which, to define as anomalies would seem a euphemism. Today I officially request dott.ssa [Rosella] Sensi to hand in her resignation from her position; and the appointment of a specialist in the area, of affirmed credibility. I would like to remind the current ownership that they aren't producing snack products; but passion. Robbing us of that passion is a sin for which there can be expected no acquittal.
Rosella's response was expected, succinct, perhaps disappointing: "I will not resign". She did not however, as one would be perfectly within line for predicting, call these questioners nemici daaaa Roma (enemies of Roma).