In Italy, the majority of football fans unite in spirit on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as the Champions League is played, and Italian teams take part of the competition. Tonight, being Wednesday, is such an occasion, as Milan travel to Madrid to play Florentino's gang.

But these football fans, from South to North; from West to East, aren't united in cheering on the Amazing Geriatrics in red and black, instead most will partake in a behavior intrinsic to Italian football culture; gufare.

The word's etymology involves not very obvious avian connections; literally it means 'to hoot'. It takes its name from un gufo, an owl, and in essence it means cheering for a particular team to lose. Rivalry being what it is, on European nights it's a safe bet that most football fans in Italy will wish for the downfall of their domestic rivals; not supporting all teams from ones country, for reasons such as national pride. Never.

Allora, stasera gufiamo il Milan.