Guns Not Butter

Run of Play: "Thus: Iker Casillas is the most comforting player in football, because, playing the most terrifying role, he's better than anyone else at escaping when he's out of position, in trouble and alone. The ball rises over him at an unreachable angle, and somehow, leaping like a marionette whose master has just pulled its strings, he flings himself back and tips it safely over the bar. He's fallen to the ground, well off his line; the attacker bears down on him; and somehow, rolling to smother the shot, he gets the ball away. A man turns into a spider and suddenly turns back. The trial concludes, and the verdict is handed down innocent."

This, from a quite excellent portrait of Iker Casillas at The Run of Play, was on my mind as I watched Casillas play better than possibly any other player in the world this weekend. He is both a heroic and tragic figure, because he seems destined to always be let down by the ineptitude of his defense. As he was tonight:

Would anyone be at all surprised to learn that Casillas hosts great disdain for the majority of the defenders that have played in front of him through the years?