New Contracts

News from within the locked down Trigoria, where fans and staff alike are held prisoners: Pizarro got handed a new contract, and Perrotta did too. Pizarro signed a three year extension on his contract (now running until 2013), while Perrotta's was extended for only one year and now ends in 2011.

This is nothing but good news: to begin with, the one that trumps all, Pizarro will continue to be a pillar of this team. Secondly, Perrotta's mere one year extension opens the possibility of a sign-and-trade. Remember, in two months plus a day or two, Perrotta would be free to sign a contract with whomever he should please, leaving Roma without compensation. By keeping him on the books, the club ensures that if someone wants him, they're paying the bill for it. (In other, possibly related, news; confirmations came today that starting November 30, Spalletti is the coach/dictator of Zenit Petersburg, and will be for two years) And should there be no interest in Perrotta, it's only a one year extension. It's perfectly acceptable, seen both from a financial, and a sporting perspective.

Meanwhile, all is quiet about Totti's contract. We're approaching a mere 60 days until he's free to talk to anyone...