The New Guy

AS Roma announced the hiring of Gian Paolo Montali today, giving him the wonderful title Coordinator and optimizer of human resources in the sporting area. He will join Daniele Pradè (DS), Bruno Conti (barista and legend) and Cristina Mazzoleni (CFO) in, more or less, running the so called technical board, handling the sportive direction of AS Roma.

Montali's hiring is interesting for from where's coming: he is not known for a life in football (sure, he did sit briefly on Juve's board), but as one of the world's foremost volleyball coaches, having enjoyed success seemingly wherever he's gone (not that I've followed his career in any regard).

This is thinking out the box, the advanced class. Only time will tell if this is a stroke of genius by Rosella Sensi, or a decision we will look back to as symptomatic of the club's decline. In waiting for that judgment to be rendered, I will say this: it's interesting that Roma, a club where parochialism runs almost rampant in management (see: Rosella, Pradè, Conti, etc), hire someone hailed for his management and human skills, from a world so different from that of Roma and serie A, is an unexpected and interesting endeavor.