No Quarter

Please allow me to express my overwhelming desire for everyone involved in the loss away to Udinese to unilaterally break their contract and retire from football. I would further approve of all of these aforementioned persons filing restraining orders for themselves, ordering them to keep a distance of no less than 10 meters from any round object that could potentially be kicked as a ball.

I would then like explanations to these questions:

- Why is Taddei still starting games for Roma in 2009?

- How is it that Udinese score twice, rather effortlessly, off set pieces, while Roma struggles mightily with the concept?

- Why did Julio Baptista come in the 92 minute? Was there genuinely no need to bring on an attacker before that, seeing how Roma were down by a goal, and had no attacking play to speak of?

- Mirko, Mirko, Mirko. Why?

- How can DDR - awesome - and the captaincy of Roma - awesome - together be so spectacularly unawesome? He showed more grinta and will to win when he was third in line and merely il capitan futuro. Tonight in over time, Di Natale dummied him while he was Roma's last man, and he just stood there, and watched. Watched, as the ball passed him on one side, and Di Natale ran around him on the other, and Doni was left alone to ward off the shot. He showed no emotion, no semblance of inwards contemplating of what had just happened. What happened to you?

- I hope some brilliant mathematician (hereby excluding myself from consideration) can calculate the degree of difficulty it took in actually missing that shot Mirko had, as opposed to scoring. I feel missing it had to have been substantially harder to do, the only question is: exactly how bad was the miss?

- Why did Adrian Pit warm up, again? Not considering, for a second, that he is by any measure a bad football player; is bringing him on the change a team needs to win a game? I'm the first to say that offensive football isn't equal to throwing in half a dozen strikers and hope they do their thing, but there are limits to this theory: it's called Adrian Pit.