Transfer Talk on a Tuesday in October: Appropriately Delusional

La Nazione writes today that Fiorentina's big dog, Corvino, is working on a plan to get Mexès in January. On loan.

I'm of the opinion that Corvino is pretty good at his job - not nearly as good as he thinks, and constantly brags that he is, but good - so the natural conclusion is that La Nazione is full of it. As a courtesy to the newspaper and its journalists, here now a list of things more likely to happen sooner than Mexès going on loan to Fiorentina:

- Roma ever getting a fair shake at San Siro
- Perrotta and Taddei hugging each other as they warm up before starting the World Cup final next summer for their respective national team
- Rosella selling the club
- Mexès being seen out lunching with Pavel Nedved
- Totti finishing a game without a single goal or assist
- Mexès being seen in a normal hair cut