You're Having a Better Week Than Berlusconi Is

It's just Wednesday evening, but the week of Silvio Berlusconi is already a head ache and a half. The Milan owner; sometimes de facto Milan coach; TV honcho; and President of the Council has in four days suffered the following set backs:

  • United 300.000 people in protest against him and the challenge he poses to the freedom of the Italian press, in a much publicized manifestation in central Rome.
  • In a long story, some twenty years in the making, finally lost a civil case involving Italy's largest publisher, Mondadori, which means his holding company Fininvest is, effective immediately, obligated to pay 750 million euro* in damages to the former majority shareholder of Mondadori. (The short story is: he bribed a bunch of people, and people kind of noted when judges started pulling up in new sports cars.) *750 million euro is about ten Kak├ís, for those adamant this be tied to football more concretely. Or half of one Totti, whichever you prefer to put it in perspective.
  • Saw his proposed law, granting him criminal immunity, defeated in a vote in Italy's constitutional court. This means he's open to being prosecuted in at least two cases that have been practically been sitting on a shelf waiting for a decision on his immunity, or lack thereof. The one most often mentioned involves tax havens, bribed lawyers (whom have already confessed; sentenced to more than four years in prison) and now an inevitable barrage of cries of "commmmmunists, bolsheviks, and crooks" all being out to get him. Ah, sweet sound of Italian political discourse.
The good news for Berlusconi is there's no Milan game this weekend, so no chance for inevitable let down there.