Incubation Period for Derby Fever

Next Sunday, the 6th, is the season's first derby. As always it has the potential to be the Godzilla to our Tokyo, or the pod of dolphins taking our seemingly doomed swimmer to shore. In other words: it can destroy us and leave us in ruins; and it can save us and allow us to live on and prosper. First blood is drawn this weekend, when the boy wonders of Roma's primavera takes on Lazio's ditto in the mini derby at Trigoria.

I don't know if Alberto De Rossi has disguised Totti and DDR and infiltrated them into the team, or what's going on there: 9 games into the season, they're undefeated, with a single, solitary 0-0 draw. They haven't conceded a single goal yet, over the 810 minutes played; they have scored 23, on the other hand. De Rossi has them playing a 4-3-3 which I find interesting for its novelty, if nothing else, which seems to be overwhelmingly successful.

I am careful pinning too much hope unto these players based on their youth level performances ("The next Gilardino", Daniele Corvia, sends a postcard from serie B), but apparently it's quite a talented group. And they're not alone; four out of five Roma youth teams are ahead in their respective league systems.